48 Packed Pages of
Creepy New Tactics

& get ready to improve performance!

48 Packed Pages of
Creepy New Tactics

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Whether your goal is to get more conversions, lower your cost per conversion, or simply improve your PPC performance, we have a lot of delightful goodies for you.


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All the tactics in this guide are exactly what our top account managers practice. Each killer tip has lead to success for us and our clients.


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Don't worry about combing through blog posts to find the good stuff. We've wrapped up our treasure trove of paid-search knowledge into a neat little package.


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Learning AdWords doesn't have to be dull, which is why we've made all our content as fun and easy to consume as a bag of trick-or-treating candy.


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Corey Dilley,  Marketing Manager at Unbounce

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Allison Otting,  Lead Designer at Disruptive

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Ready To Scare the Crap Out of Your AdWords Competition?